Case Study: digital economy government agency

Client: Multi-stakeholder government agency in Asia with senior executive leadership team

Problem: The organization is responsible for defining the digital economy for an entire nation. Some of the of the challenges include a lack of data-driven decision making by the organization and multi-stakeholder agencies that have difficulty in communications cross agencies. Some team members are not aware of how to use data to drive decisions. Transparency and trust need to be strengthened between agencies.

Action: With CLC Advisors, we held a half-day workshop with the senior leadership team using design-thinking methods to create an open and transparent environment to allow engagement and sharing of pain points internally and externally from the organization. The executives were able to identify their toughest challenges, prioritize which ones were seen across each pillar of the agency, which data silos were key critical areas, and identify which areas need prioritization first.

Results: Better team alignment was established, door to more open communications about data, awareness in how to make data-driven decisions and what that means for each silo. An immersive data experience center will be created with multi-stakeholder responsibilities assigned within the organization. Communications and relationships across government agencies need to be strengthened and an action plan and strategy are in discussion amongst leadership.


I like the session because it is useful. Cindy asked all the right questions and compelled everyone to share their point of views and create discussions.

It opens up my mind and forces me to think. I like he interactions and brainstorming sessions.