Innovation Workshops

CLC Advisors specializes in half or one-day strategy retreats for small groups of senior executives in fields such as entrepreneurship, transportation and travel, blockchain and fintech, open source data, marketing, media and smart cities. Combining a presentation with interactive group work such as scenarios or predictions in design thinking or hackathon environments, the innovation workshops all designed to maximize discussion and innovative thinking in a safe education setting. The workshops are hands-on where content is based on real challenges and opportunities that businesses are facing.

We customize our workshops based on our clients’ needs taking ideas and moving them into action.

Some of our workshops include:








Who we have worked with:



I like the session because it is useful. Cindy asked all the right questions and compelled everyone to share their point of views and create discussions.
– Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)


It opens up my mind and forces me to think. I like the interactions and brainstorming sessions.
– Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)