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The key to our client service is a portfolio of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and strategic initiatives across different industries, practice leaders, and management teams who have built businesses and a global footprint in entrepreneurship ecosystems. We bring together subject matter experts in their fields to ensure that our clients’ business needs are being met to its fullest potential and thrive in their sector.

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We are open to opportunities to work with potential clients who are looking to strategically build and expand their businesses. We seek partners in private equity, investment funds, venture capital, and hedge funds for our clients and projects who are creative people in their business sectors as well as the arts, government agencies, think tanks, philanthropic institutions and NGOs in order to maximize positive impact in their work for the future. Our projects and initiatives that are funded are selected through a competitive process to ensure that our teams and resources are hands-on and adding significant value to management.

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“Cindy is a powerhouse entrepreneur, investor, and connector who has the foresight and ability to execute on great ideas that convert vision into value. A force of nature, Cindy is willing to take risks that will create opportunities for others. As generous as she is gifted, Cindy brings together people from diverse expertise areas around the world to solve challenging problems. It’s impossible not to learn something new or meet someone fascinating when you’re lucky enough to work with Cindy.” – Julie Choi, Intel Corp., USA

“Cindy is one of the most powerful women and entrepreneurs I was ever working with. I love her eye for details and her unwavering intuition for economically important decisions. She knows how to act strategically and conceptually professional and how to get stakeholders and partners on board. Cindy’s international network is outstanding and I am grateful to be a part of it.” – Anett Gläsel-Maslov, DIGILITY Conference, Germany

“I know Cindy from our work as curator for an AI/XR fair in Cologne. When I see Cindy, she always brings a radiant smile to my face. I don’t think I have much more to write about her enormous knowledge in her area of ​​expertise. In the field of new technologies, she is a well-read expert and influencer. I appreciate Cindy above all because she is one of the friendliest, most emphatic and most helpful people I know. That’s certainly one of the reasons for her incredible level of networking. She is a goddess of networking. Cindy belongs to those people for whom I am proud to be allowed to know her. And I would be happy in the future to be able to realize projects with Cindy again.” – Stephan Otten, INCAS Training, Germany

“Cindy, a resourceful leader and entrepreneur with multiple talents. She is one person who certainly walks her talk, knows how to motivate and pull people together to execute flawlessly on any project she works on. One just has to look at the multiple assignments she has been invited to consult on and to provide strategic perspectives, the numerous international and multi-disciplinary events she has been asked to speak at to date will blow you away. Those who have had the opportunity to work with her just as I did agree unanimously that Cindy is able to think global and act local; address details when required while keeping the big picture in view; and always having her teams’ well-being and the people around her in mind. In short, she is a role model for many people regardless of their background and industry.” – Elizabeth Chee, HiT Foundation, Switzerland

“Cindy is a strategic thinker with a wealth of experience and know-how, which she skillfully brings to bear in working with social entrepreneurs to find innovative, sustainable formulas to propel their ventures forward and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. The level of enthusiasm Cindy brings to everything she does is matched perhaps only by her passion for the arts and the potential social impact of the projects she decides to take on.” Rafael Rodas, Sodastream, USA