NASA Datanauts, Women in DATA

July 7, 2016

New York, NY – CLC Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce that our CEO Cindy Chin will join the 2016 NASA Datanauts class in forwarding NASA’s mission in Women in STEM and girls in science.

Several years ago, NASA kicked off a Women in Data study to better understand how to engage more women and girls with NASA data and the new discipline of data science. Two new initiatives have been added to NASA’s flagship initiative, the International Space Apps Challenge, which is a once-a-year weekend data engagement (and typically attracts 75-80% men). Datanauts is one of NASA’s Women in Data open innovation program initiatives to learn and practice data skills, problem-solving techniques, and to engage newcomers with NASA’s data by building a community. The goals are attract data newcomers, introduce and advance data science skills, and create a vibrant data problem-solving community. NASA Datanauts operate within the Office of the Chief Information Officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC.

“I’m really excited to join this Open NASA data initiative with 49 other equally motivated women and men. I have a daughter at home who is learning to code and it will be fun to engage with her and others in the challenges to come. This is a terrific platform to bring young girls, boys, and others along on this journey. By being a part of the Datanauts community and helping to grow the initiative to include both women and men in solving problems in space and life on earth through data, this will ripen the success environment for innovation and collaboration. It also allows greater understanding and collaboration in the tech industry and bring more creativity and ideas for entrepreneurs in future startups.

Please follow us during the next year to check the NASA Datanauts’ progress in beta testing and engaging some of the  activities the founding class of all-female Datanauts designed and developed and new ones that will be created. While the NASA Datanauts initiative is focused primarily on women, there are men in the this class and are also encouraged to participate. I will be hosting space data events throughout the year and if you are interested in attending one of those events, please send me a private message with your email and contact information. As you all know, I travel quite a bit and it may be likely that one or more of of these events will be international! More news to come so stay tuned! 🌎🌍🌏” – Cindy Chin, CEO CLC Advisors, LLC

To learn more information about NASA Datanauts, visit:

About open.NASA
NASA has a long history of making the impossible possible. Our agency vision is “to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.” Transparency and openness were written into our DNA more than 50 years ago with the original Space Act that established the agency in 1958.

open.NASA is an Open Innovation program in the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Technology and Innovation Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C.
For more information about open.NASA, visit:

About NASA
NASA’s vision: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.

To do that, thousands of people have been working around the world — and off of it — for 50 years, trying to answer some basic questions. What’s out there in space? How do we get there? What will we find? What can we learn there, or learn just by trying to get there, that will make life better here on Earth?

Since its inception in 1958, NASA has accomplished many great scientific and technological feats in air and space. NASA technology also has been adapted for many nonaerospace uses by the private sector. NASA remains a leading force in scientific research and in stimulating public interest in aerospace exploration, as well as science and technology in general. Perhaps more importantly, our exploration of space has taught us to view Earth, ourselves, and the universe in a new way. While the tremendous technical and scientific accomplishments of NASA demonstrate vividly that humans can achieve previously inconceivable feats, we also are humbled by the realization that Earth is just a tiny “blue marble” in the cosmos. For more information about NASA, visit:

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