The Adventures of Paul and Marian “It’s a Wrap!”

June 15, 2011

New York, NY – Director Jay Stern and The Adventures of Paul and Marian crew wrapped up filming today on location in New York City. The green-screen rear-projection film was shot primarily on a sound stage in SUNY/Purchase studios, the home of several award-winning films.

The full-length feature independent film stars Paul Herbig as “Paul” and Marian Brock, lead actress for The Academy Award winning short film God of Love. Director Jay Stern (The Changeling, Spirit Cabinet) also wrote the screenplay and continues his film partnership with cinematographer Alan McIntyre-Smith (The Changeling, Out of the Fog, Jocasta, Fog Warning, and Spirit Cabinet) and the original music of composer Zach Abrahamson.

Warm reception of the film has been received by the Cannes Film Festival market and other film festivals throughout the United States.

The Adventures of Paul and Marian is currently in a post-production round of financing and looking for additional investors for the film project. The editing phase is underway and a trailer will be available soon. For more information, please visit the film website at

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