CLC Advisors, LLC Joins Sonophilia Winter Retreat 2016 in Creating Sustainbility in the Age of Idea Economy & Industry 4.0 Panel 

January 23, 2016

SALZBURG, Austria – CLC Advisors, LLC CEO Cindy Chin spoke on a panel at the Sonophilia Winter Retreat on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 2 p.m. CET at the St. Jakob am Thurn. Ms. Chin will be joined by Dorothee Echter of Echter + Assig Top Management, former EVP of Qualcomm and CEO & Founder of 1AU Ventures Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, Strategic Project Manager – CEO Office of Siemens AG’s Dr. Roslyn Sayers, and moderated by CEO of Austrian Journalism Training Association’s Elisabeth Wasserbauer in a session titled Creating Sustainability in the Age of Idea Economy and Industry 4.0.


Sonophilia Winter Retreat 2016

Chin discussed how ideas take shape and can spur economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation. The impact of the arts, specifically music, had given her a solid foundation in the trials of entrepreneurship.

“Experience is underrated. If you want to learn about failure, learn an instrument. You need patience, persistence, and time in order to master something. It’s very similar to building companies and the skill sets needed to scale ambitious work.” said Cindy Chin. “As we move forward in efforts of sustainability and Industry 4.0, CLC Advisors, LLC has a deep interest in what the future of jobs will look like and whether they will be sustainable. The idea economy supports the creativity of people and their place in the new economy where less regulation, more risk, volatility, and constant change occurs. People will need to consciously use curiosity and creativity to disrupt your point of view in order to bring fresh and new ideas through. By seeking out other people from different industries and learning something about the skills and personality it takes to perform, a sophisticated cross-section between workers, corporations, technology, and government will develop more fully as Industry 4.0 and iOT grows exponentially.”

Attendees learned best practices to help incorporate creativity into their job tasks and companies, as well as the basic tools and tactics needed to innovate or start something through entrepreneurship.

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