Why You Should Connect with Strangers on LinkedIn

inclogo_smBy Cindy Chin, CEO, CLC Advisors, LLC

Last week, I had a chance to participate in a Twitter discussion with one of Inc.com’s contributing writers, Christina Desmarais. The discussion was about whether one should connect with strangers on LinkedIn, is it the best platform for networking, and what are the best practices in an increasingly “plugged in” world.

As an entrepreneur and person responsible for driving growth and business revenue, networking is vital to the success in small businesses and startups, especially in volatile economic markets. With advancements in technology and growth of social media, the ability to connect with others is literally within our hand’s grasp.

An interesting discussion ensued with Christina and some others on Twitter of all places (post-IPO $TWTR) and here is her article in Inc.com: http://www.inc.com/christina-desmarais/why-you-should-connect-with-strangers-on-linkedin.html#! As to whether or not connect with strangers on LinkedIn, the decision should rest on your business model, personal best practices, whether the timing is right (growth stages), and your bottom-line comfort level. There is no wrong answer to this proverbial question.

On a personal and professional note, Christina and I were introduced virtually after the transition of space shuttle Atlantis by my NASA Social colleague Jimmy Lin last year and we did connect through LinkedIn and on Twitter. To date, we have, thankfully, not spammed each other.

You can follow Christina Desmarais on Twitter at @salubriousdish and read her articles on Inc.com: http://www.inc.com/author/christina-desmarais.

International Women’s Day 2013

By Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors, LLC CEO


We must carry forward the work of the women who came before us and ensure our daughters have no limits on their dreams, no obstacles to their achievements, and no remaining ceilings to shatter.
President Barack Obama, United States of America

One of my mother’s roles was the responsibility for managing the implementation of telecommunication lines for a major American telecom company in Afghanistan in the early 1990’s and then in Kosovo during the conflicts in Bosnia and Serbia. I used to listen in on her conference calls while entering data into spreadsheets during my academic studies. It was because she opened her door of her office that I do the same for my sisters on this earth, daughter, and the men that support us.

I encourage you to do the same by responding to calls or emails from women, their offers to meet for coffee, commitments to meetings, listen to their ideas, give excellent feedback (believe me, your opinion matters when someone asks), make introductions, and INVEST in them. Trust me, you will get more than you asked for in return, watch communities and the world change around them.