By Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors, LLC CEO

“Dare to make yourself an example of the best of man’s humanity to man and watch the world change around you.”Luong Ung

I credit Oprah Winfrey and her work for helping me get started. No, I have never met Oprah in person, but I have met her best friend Gayle King and handed her my card while enthusing about my own Oprah experience during a “Live Your Best Life” conference during a time when I was searching for myself, my next career steps and that “Ah ha! moment” in the City by the Bay a decade ago in the first tech bust. What Oprah did best than anyone else was the spotlight. She shined her spotlight on people who otherwise wouldn’t have spotlights to be seen. She told the stories, gave them voices and let us see their faces.

I think of all the people who have shared their stories and listened to mine as we build this company or careers, some of which who are reading this post today. As entrepreneurs, you learn to find business partners who help shine their spotlights on what you are doing to help you get on your way and return the favor in full or more. As employees in a large company, we often get lost in the mix and search for those more meaningful tasks or projects that put us on the map, slightly above others in our peer circles and ways to channel our personal motivations.

Sometimes it’s the other way around, particularly if you are building a client base or implementing a strategy for new business. In this digital age, clients and employers are looking for your personal spotlights to reach business goals. Whatever the reasons have the courage to shine your own spotlights onto your endeavors and those around you. Collectively, it brings attention to the important things that are being done and the  problems being solved. The world lights up and the rest of us are no longer finding our way in the dark, living our best lives.

Create change. Make an impact.

The London Symphony Orchestra 2012-13 Season