Thinking of Play & Communities in Transformational Journeys

In our latest webinar we were thrilled for the chat with our CEO Cindy Chin and Daiva Naldal of DSTN Ventures to discuss collaborations in gathering some of the best ideas and how to bring them to life in a new normal. Her experience as the former Head of Open Innovation at LEGO IDEAS and a track record of successfully developing and scaling open innovation initiatives helps companies develop their own innovation programs that create value. How do some of the best winning ideas and insights from open innovation communities can transform an organizational journey?

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A Time to Play on IDEAS in The New Normal: A Conversation with Daiva Naldal

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This article is part of a series of articles on design thinking and deep thinking by thought leaders that transform into what we at CLC Advisors call “i.e.,” the “idea economy.” Where ideas become and transform into widgets for those who choose to dare mighty things to build something bigger than themselves. We are explorers of the universe.

Daiva Naldal is an experienced international marketing and innovation leader with 20+ year of professional career with international brands. She was the former Head of LEGO Ideas ( — a crowdsourcing hub for the LEGO Group that aims to bridge the talent of user- communities into the corporate process.

While the world’s attention has grown indoors in remote work and work from home environments, there isn’t a better time to dive deeper into how to embark on an organizational transformation journey. I sat down with one of LEGO’s former open innovation lead Daiva Naldal to discuss collaboration in gathering some of the best ideas and how to bring them to life. More importantly, a look at how some of the most winning ideas and insights from open innovation communities can transform an organizational journey professionally and personally in the new normal.

“While physical work spaces with a special ‘local’ cultural norms can provide limitations, the online “collabspaces” would filter some of the local challenges away allowing to keep focus on the topic of interest and less so on local factors.”

— Daiva Naldal

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International Women’s Day 2020: Women of NASA Social Antares CRS-13

By Cindy Chin, CEO CLC Advisors

On February 8, 2020, a group of space enthusiasts, professional and amateur photographers, budding rocket scientists, engineers, scientists, and educators gathered at NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops, VA to visit the Antares and sound rocket factories as well as mission control centers and launch facilities for the mid-atlantic rocket launches in the United States. For years, NASA Social has been convening people from all walks of life in order to share their experience of visiting a NASA site facility and observing the different stages of development in NASA missions.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, this article highlights a few of the future generations of women in the space industry today who are making critical footprints towards the first woman on the moon, deep space exploration, and Mars from impossible to possible and not just a dream.

“Apollo had a twin sister and her name was Artemis. She was hunter and her best friend and favorite companion was Orion. ALL astronauts in their return voyage to the moon will fly under the Artemis Mission inside the Orion capsule and this week, we will witness history in the making where women for the first time intentionally right in the forefront of the journey from Moon to Mars. Their stories will be told from the beginning this time and not hidden in the shadows.” — Cindy Chin, NASA Datanaut & CEO CLC Advisors

Meet the women who inspired us on this International Women’s Day in 2020.

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