Ethos: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.

Our ethos at CLC Advisors is the exchange of ideas through art, film, music or dance so that the communication gap does not exist between international relations, business, or emerging markets. Coca-Cola’s Small World vending machine achieved that in Indian-Pakistani relationship during the recent launch that was captured in a short video and widely spread over YouTube. It is a illustration of the effect of how the combination of the arts can cross borders, grow or innovate brand recognition and sales in an industry sector, measure the neuroscience in human receptivity to brands, and create new global ecosystems.

From the science of understanding the human mind and condition to how a individual perceives information, consumes material goods, to purchasing decisions affecting economic markets, models creating and shaping developing markets, there are tipping points that exist in which points of social change can be directly measured and quantified. With these points, changes in philanthropic giving and new capitalist models are created by incorporating salient data points from both public and private sectors. By observing the growing shift in market share from the for-profit sector into the not-for-profit sector, social impact and financial products such as social impact bonds will continue to grow and open without borders in the impact investing sector where there is no other market for philanthropy.

Case Study: Trash as Treasure – The Washed Ashore Project and Healthy Oceans

Art is a transformative experience that changes behavior and habits.
– Cindy Chin, CEO & Founder

The Washed Ashore Project is an educational, community art project and traveling exhibit that brings awareness to the pressing problem of marine debris in our oceans. Art is a transformative experience to change behavior and habits. The exhibit was showcased at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA, but it didn’t have a clear marketing or fundraising strategy to take the next steps.

The Challenge
In August 2011, CLC Advisors, LLC partnered with Sullivan Street Designs, Productive Concepts International, and Senta Creative to create a global tour and to develop a branding and marketing strategy for The Washed Ashore Project. After a needs assessment and analysis of combined network partners and corporate sponsors, it was determined to launch a global awareness campaign and tour as part of The AC Healthy Ocean’s Project at The America’s Cup.

Specific campaign and launch strategy included:

  • Increase awareness visually in recycling and motivate behavioral changes through the art as a transformative experience.
  • Drive fundraising, branding and marketing using traditional marketing techniques and social media to attract new donor pools, government and corporate sponsors.
  • Inspire science and environmental reform in companies and individuals worldwide.
  • Promote art in this medium.

If successful, the campaign launch and tour would pave the way for Washed Ashore to build relationships, increase visibility, and raise funds on a global level.


  • Funds were raised to support the Washed Ashore Project’s tour launch and raised awareness.
  • Procurement partners were acquired to help store and transport the art from Marin County to San Diego.
  • The global awareness campaign and tour was successfully launched at The America’s Cup World Series races in San Diego, CA from November 16-20, 2011, as part of The AC Healthy Ocean Project.
  • Engagement of global business leaders in finance, aviation, environment, and the military to support the launch in the Healthy Ocean’s Project at The America’s Cup in San Diego, CA.
  • The Washed Ashore Project exhibit was at The Chula Vista Center in southern California from December 2011-September 2012.
  • The Washed Ashore Project was highlighted at the Our Ocean Summit at the U.S. Department of State in September 2016.

About The Washed Ashore Project
The Washed Ashore Project is an educational community art project and traveling exhibit that brings awareness to the pressing problem of marine debris in our oceans. Art is a transformative experience. The global awareness campaign launched with the intent to change behavior and habits.

What is art?

Artists are human beings who are doing the brave and scary work, doing something original and human that has a risk to it that changes someone else for the better.
– Seth Godin 

In this video, best-selling author Seth Godin discusses what an artist is and increasingly, value flows only to the originals who have created something.

Here at CLC Advisors, LLC, we look for clients and projects who value the creativity and risk of being an original and the ingenuity of innovation when time calls for change.