Beyond Icarus to Mars: The Future of Travel

This article is part of a series of articles on design thinking and thought leaders that transform into what we at CLC Advisors call “i.e.,” the “idea economy.” Where ideas become and transform into widgets for those who choose to dare mighty things and build something.


Remember the days when people bought a plane ticket through a travel agent and a paper ticket was issued. When airlines, crew, and staff took pains in order to ensure those lucky enough to afford a plane ticket would travel in luxury and comfort? It was something of a lifestyle coveted by all, yet experienced by few. With the explosion of the internet, aviation research and technology, fuel costs, travel is not only online today, but the customer’s journey from discovery to return to base has shifted and changed dramatically. We are again at those crossroads, the travel and transportation industries are hustling to meet those demands.

With the expectation and estimates of the space industry estimated to grow by 2040 to US$1.1 trillion and US$2.7 trillion by Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch respectively, the landscape of the future of travel will exponentially shift again. SpaceX’s Elon Musk’s bold call for BFR, a reusable transport rocket that can transport travelers to anywhere on the globe in under an hour, seems like a moonshot in the distant future, but a necessary first step if the human race is to become multi-planetary. The race was started by Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic years ago in the quest to travel up to the tip of the atmosphere to bounce back into airspace, shortening the travel time between two points of destination. Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, impressively funded by Bezos himself, is another major player in the commercial aerospace industry joining titans such as Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada, Airbus, ULA, Rolls Royce, and Boeing on the propulsion engine and systems side.

Shaping the way people discover, shop, and share their travel journeys has redefined the mobility industry and how the world connects with personal and business travel. Not just people, but the transfer of material and consumer goods as well. To better understand how the future of travel continues to inspire the world of people and mobility, CLC Advisors and our experts are looking into the following areas and new industry players, identifying key shifts and trends that are influencing creatively our appetites and passion for the future travel:

  • Trade, delivery & transport of goods (manned and unmanned)
  • Energy, efficiency, & fuel
  • Propulsion and landing systems
  • Infrastructure development in cities and future colonies
  • Sustainability and carbon-free environmental technologies
  • Recycled rockets
  • Consumer electronics, AR, & VR
  • New materials and material science
  • Batteries, sensors, & ioT
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Health, medicine, & wellness
  • Food & hospitality
  • Future supply chains & 3-d printing
  • Optical communications, satellite positioning (low-earth and above-earth), lasers, radar and telemetry (See our recent article about space lasers and satellite communications at our site visit to NASA Goddard here or on Medium here.)
  • Data and public safety
  • Behavioral science and psychology
  • Global economic impact
  • To learn more about the future of travel and the future impact of frontier technologies and investment in the public and private commercial aerospace and aviation industry, and the behaviors science when it comes to travel, head over to our i.e. section of our website here. We are looking for industry executives and companies who are interested in our industry research report and we will be sharing some success stories on our website and our page on Medium here. Please feel free to contact us here or via email at

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    Cindy is also a NASA Datanaut, an open data innovation program to promote data science, coding, and gender diversity. The NASA Datanauts program operates within the Office of the CIO at NASA Headquarters. She is also a mentor in the Google Launchpad Mentor Program, Stanford University’s Technology Entrepreneurship and undergrad programs, and a member of the faculty of the Startup Executive Academy of Silicon Castles in Salzburg, Austria.

    Cindy is passionate about social impact, smART cities, public-private sector partnerships & building great companies. She achieves this by defining strategies for building multidisciplinary ecosystems, accelerators, outreach, & innovation phases of ventures, alternative revenue generation & sustainability. Gender parity & diversity are factors for consideration.

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