Preface: Sonophilia

By Cindy Chin, CEO & Founder CLC Advisors, LLC

Next week in the hills outside of Salzburg, Austria, Sonophilia will be hosting its inaugural summer retreat in the secluded town of St. Jakob am Thurn in the Hallein district.

Schloss St. Jakob am Thurn is a castle with tower dated back to the 12th or 13th century and part of the Count Plaz. With approximately 600 residents, St. Jakob am Thurn remains as true to its origins as when it was built in the hills of Salzburg.

Kulturzentrum St. Jakob will be the home of the inaugural Sonophilia Retreat. I am delighted and looking forward to returning to Salzburg, the visit to St. Jakob am Thurn, and the invitation to attend Sonophilia. The hills will indeed be alive next week!

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