What if?

What if the things that you grew up with in your childhood no longer exists? What if the museums that you loved were no longer there? What if you no longer have a place to congregate and share a collective experience like seeing a movie in a theater? What if our oceans had too much garbage that we no longer can enjoy the fruits of the sea? These changes are already occurring as companies are forced to focus on the bottom line.

Here at CLC Advisors, LLC, we are tackling the What if’s and how to increase longevity in art forms and institutions that have been prevalent in our society even before the birth of America. This means going back in time and understanding why they have worked and served a social purpose for centuries. This means reaching out to people of different cultures and building our relationships with them with purpose. This means helping them find ways to build capital.

America is becoming a migrant work force and we need to find vehicles and platforms in order to reach across global cultures. In preparation for developing countries and emerging markets for capitalism and the coveted Western lifestyle, we must utilize the knowledge we have gained and share through as many platforms possible across the cultural divide. Communicating through art and music, teaching first-world skill sets, supporting organizations that are bringing funding vehicles to build infrastructures, are some of the ways that we can we bring together a greater sense of purpose and re-stimulate our own economic growth in Western societies.

Our journey here at CLC Advisors, LLC has only just begun as we develop our impact investment fund and services. There is a lot of buzz and excitement in this type of work and we believe that it is vital today and in the future to answer those What if’s. We look forward to working with people who are looking for opportunities for impact and alternative investments with the understanding and compassion for social responsibility, business growth, and the triple bottom line. The answer to the What if? It takes a world village.

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